Hi! I'm Sheila!

I'm an illustrator from Townsend, Delaware and I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon. I grew up making greeting cards, place cards, and gifts for my family and friends, always for some celebratory reason or to cheer someone up if things weren't so sunny. This long history of making things for a cheery purpose has definitely had a bearing on what I make and why.


My education also had a huge bearing on the work I create today: I participated in stage crew all four years of high school and really enjoyed designing, building, and painting sets. My experiences there still influence my work as far as themes of simplicity, softness, and minimalism. I graduated from the University of Delaware with a BFA, having completed coursework in painting, ceramics, sculpture, illustration, book making, and photography. The curriculum was challenging and encouraged me to push my ideas much farther than I would have on my own. Everything I make is more thoughtfully considered and painstakingly created because of my time there.


After college, I worked and always intended to find time to paint/draw, but very rarely managed. In 2014, I participated in Delaware Fun-A-Day, a super fun community art event where you make a piece of art work every day for a month. I realized how much I missed making things and so I decided to seek out programs to learn what I need to in order to get a job in the creative industry and properly launch "Sheila Sunshine," which I did in November 2015. I've made my own illustrations and have attended various comic book and anime conventions since then.


I'm currently taking classes at Cecil College to gain experience with Adobe Suite and interning with Meredith and Brandon of Grunge Muffin Designs to get hands-on experience with client work. My dream job would be creating designs for globally and environmentally conscious companies for home goods or greeting cards/stationery. I'm pretty sure I'll always love going to conventions, though! If you want to know more about me and my work, you can always ask me via the form on my contact page, or following me on various social media!


facebook: @sheilasunshineillustrator

instagram: @sunshine.kind

deviantart: @sheilasunshine